Yoko Takaike

1982 Born in Chiba
2008 Master of Architect , Keio University
2008-2015 Toyo Ito and Associates, Architects
2015 Yoko Takaike Architects, founded

2017 Part time Lecturer, Institute of Science, Keio University
2017-2021 Part time Lecturer, Department of Architecture, Kogakuin University
2021- Part time Lecturer, Kanto Gakuin University / Meiji University

Authorized Architect, the first Grade
The prize: Kobe Biennial Art Section 2015
The prize: SD Review, the 37th Exhibition of Winning Architectural Drawings and Models

After Tohoku Earthquake 2011, participated in volunteer activities, as a member of Toyo Ito Office, for mainly building “House for all” in Miyagi, Kamaishi and Kamaishi for fisherman.
In those days, the process of activity have awaked the power of region with people and the way of architecture which encouragethe human ties.



Katsunori Ono

1983 Born in Osaka
2008 Finished Doctorial Course early part of Architect, Kyoto Industrial Arts and Fiber University
2008-2016 Ryuei Nishizawa Architects
2018- Yoko Takaike Architects


Tasuku Kusano

1989 Born in Nagasaki
2012 Bachelor of Architect, Kumamoto University

2013-2016 Nakagawa Architect Office (cell architect)
2016-2018 Sansei Architect Office
2018-   Yoko Takaike Architects

Takaaki Kikumoto

1982 Born in Osaka
2010 Master of Architect , Keio University
2010-2011 Christian Kerez Architect
2013-2015 SANAA
2016-2018  Atelier Asami Kazuhiro